Tom Boehm (✶ 1969 in Bautzen Germany) is a painter, graphic artist, stage designer and film maker: After serving completing an apprenticeship in electrical engineering, he had internships at the German-Sorbian Folk Theatre Bautzen and the National Theatre Mannheim, and worked for several years as a stage designer at the Heppenheim Festival. He then studied at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts where he received a Diploma in Stage and Costume Design in 1998.

During his studies, he worked in the theatre, including for a year at the Teatro Comunale in Florence on the operas "Aida" by Verdi and "Lucia di Lammermoor" by Donizetti.

At the same time, he began to take a serious interest in painting, which he pursued further on study trips to Italy, France, Argentina and Ukrain.

From 1998 to 2004, he was an academic assistant at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts Departments of Stage and Costume Design and Theatre Scenography.

Since then, he has been teaching stage and costume design at the Art Academy Berlin-Weissensee and theatre scenography at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts.

He has also been working as a freelance painter and graphic artist since 2004.

The subjects and forms in his drawings and paintings are originally inspired by reality, but they then undergo a process of transformation to produce a unique pictorial language concerned with colour, shape, light and space.

His paintings and graphics have been exhibited at, for example, the Fondazione Italo Zetti, Casore del Monte, Italy; the Dettingen Library; the "Kunstlade" Gallery, Zittau; Batzdorf Castle, Meissen; St. Mary's Hospital, Dresden; the "Lilith" Gallery, Reichstädt; and the Saxony Ministry of Culture in Dresden.

As a stage and costume designer, he has contributed to numerous drama, opera and ballet productions. The aesthetics of his concepts are often characterized by a painterly approach that is highly poetic.

Another of his fields of work is the design of exhibitions, and he has carried out several projects for the museums that house the Saxony State Art Collections in Dresden.

Yet another focus of his artistic activity is the moving image, especially animated film.

He can point to a long and intensive engagement with this medium also, particularly in the areas of cinematic design, animation and compositing.

He also directs and co-produces.